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Research Wizard

Jacques Snyman

First of all, the entire “Crash Course in Research Success” is about YOU, not me…That being said, here are some details about me and my background and why I have created this course.My name is Jacques Snyman and I am passionate about teaching and helping students on their development journeys. Professionally, I have a background in engineering, management consulting and teaching. I completed a degree in Electronics Engineering in 1989, after which I completed an MBA at the Wits Business School (The Business School at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa) in 1998. My career started in the mining industry in the late 80’s, followed by a stint as a senior engineer at an electricity utility, after which I started a career in management consulting in 1998.My teaching career started in 2005, when I was invited by a colleague to assist with a module on creativity, innovation and change for a group of MBA students. The proverbial “bug” bit me and I have been teaching ever since.Over the last 12 years, I have been teaching or supervising, marking and moderting at a number of different Universities (University of South Africa, University of the Northwest, University of Pretoria, Nelson Mandela University, Institute of Marketing Management).  More recently, since about 2010, I have been teaching at the Milpark Business School, while also doing supervision for research students completing their MBA degrees. I am also a moderator and an external examiner for three other universities.The reason why I have created this course is that I sincerely want to share some of the lessons learned on my journey in research support, and help you “sidestep” some of the most common mistakes made again and again by first-time researcher students. I serve students who are on their research journey in pursuit of the completion of their master’s level degree.I hope that you will enjoy the course as much as I enjoyed creating it for you. I am rooting for you. Here is to your research success!  PLEASE NOTE - THIS DISCOUNTED PRICE WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE FOR A LITTLE WHILE!  (Normal price $79 for Topic Course and $297 for Crash Course in Research Success)

Course curriculum

  • 1

    How to choose a topic for your MBA research

    • Introduction

    • Session 1: Overview of the course content

    • Session 2: Where and when to start, and setting yourself up for success

    • Session 3: Sources of ideas for your topic

    • Session 4: Brainstorming - the heart of the creative process

    • Session 5A: The first pass decision matrix

    • Session 5B: Drafting and contextualising topics

    • Session 6: The second pass decision matrix

    • Session 7: Doing a literature scan and creating a reading list

    • Session 8: Writing a proposal and confirming your topic

    • Bonus session: How to read an article fast

    • Course Handout 1

    • Course Handout 2

    • Course Handout 3

    • Course Handout 4

    • Course Handout 5

    • Decision Matrix Spreadsheet Download

    • Extra Bonus Video: How to read a book QUICKLY

    • Scanning-an-article-quickly

    • Bonus handout: How to read a book QUICKLY